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Top Ten Books I'm Not Sure I Want To Read

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week topic is books that I'm not sure I want to read. 
All of this books are book I or my parents own, but I'm not sure I'll ever get to read them. All of this books are in Portuguese.

A Rosa Rebelde (White Rose Rebel)
By Janet Paysley

This book is my mother's, and she was the one who recommend it to me. I've tried to started it once, I only read the first 25 pages. I was in a reading slump when I picked this up, which did not help. Maybe I'll read it someday

A Tormenta de Espadas, Volume II
By George R.R.Martin

In Portugal, the books of The Song of Ice and Fire trilogy were divided in 10 books instead of 5. This is part of the book 3 - A Storm of Swords. I gave up on this series after the second book. I was liking it, but then I was spoiled and never felt like picking this up again. Maybe I'll pick this eventually? I don't really know.

As Raparigas que Sonhavam Ursos (Tender Morsels)
By Margo Lanagan

This was offered to me a few years ago on Christmas. I have never picked it up. I don't really know what this is about. Maybe I'll read it someday, who knows

Laços que Perduram (The Guardian)
By Nicholas Sparks

I don't really like Nicholas Sparks. I've read 3 of his books (The Last Song, Dear John and Message in a Bottle). I liked them, I guess. But I guess I had enough of Nicholas Sparks. This book is my mother's as well.

Corações em Silêncio (The Rescue)
By Nicholas Sparks

Another Nicholas Sparks' book which I don't think I'll ever read. I tried to read this once a few years ago. I only read a few chapters before putting it down.

O Diário da Nossa Paixão (The Notebook)
By Nicholas Sparks

I liked the movie. But I'll never read the book. 

O Codex 632
By José Rodrigues dos Santos

This book is from a Portuguese author. Everybody loves him here. I've never read any book from him but my parents love this books. I have always been curious about this but never really got to read it. I hope I'll one day

Comer, Orar, Amar (Eat, Pray, Love)
By Elizabeth Gilbert

This another of my mother's books. She recommend it to me. But I watched the movie and didn't like it, so I don't think I'll ever read it.

O Diário de Anne Frank (The Diary of a Young Girl)

El cuaderno de Maya)
By Isabel Allende

I tried to read this but I was not in the mood for adult when I tried. Now my father is reading it and maybe I'll read this after him. 

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