About Us

The girls behind the blog.

Our names are Rebeca and Isabel, as you may have figured out already through our publications. 

We are two Portuguese 18-year-old girls who met in the beginning of their senior year and by the end of our "high school experience" we were really close friends. We still are and we plan on being for a really long time.

Books are a common passion and as soon as we started "fangirling" together we decided to take a step further and created our liberamans pages. We are currently on blogspot (as you can see), on tumblr, on instagram and we are planning to be on youtube soon too.

Why liberamans?

Liberamans stands for book lovers in Latin and that seemed just right to us.

If you want to talk to us about anything please don't hesitate to message us on tumblr!

If you have any question, contact us by email: liberamans1996@gmail.com