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The F- It List by Julie Halpern

book rate: ★★★★

The "The F- It List" is a contemporany novel about two best friends, Alex and Becca. At the beginning of the book we, along with Alex, find out that Becca has cancer, but the two girls had a big fight at the end of the previous school year and hadn't talked all summer. This meant Alex was only awarebof Becca's situation when her best friend didn't show up for school in September.

Alex rushes to Becca's house and there she is asked for one favour only: to help Becca fullfilling her Bucket List or to fullfill it herself if Becca wans't capable of doing some itens on the list.
With this Hello Kitty written paper in her pocket Alex is about to start a bigger adventure than she could imagine. An adventure to learn how to live ajd enjoy life's little pleasures.

In my personal opinion the "The F- It List"'s plot was not very different from the typical contemporany novel. What really blew me away in this book were the characters and the relationships developed between them, this was all so genuin, their flaws were so real and their stories so down to earth... I could not possibly dislike this book or decribe as mainstream because it trully isn't.

Lastly, I also grew very FOND of the maind character. Once more Alex is not the typical teenage girl we usually see PORTRAYED in books, she has quite a negative personality but is also a very LIKEABLE character, at least from my point of view.

All in all, I highly recommend the "The F- It List" to anyone who is looking for a light and realistc contemporany.

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