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French Lessons by Ellen Sussman

book rate: ★★

French Lessons tells us about one day in the life of three french teachers and their respective students for the day in the magical city of Paris.

In the first story we meet Nico and his student Josie, an american woman spending a vacation in Paris to recover from the death of her secret lover. She arrived in Paris as a numb mess and Nico thinks he can fix her by falling in love with her while showing her the city of love.

The second story is about the playboy and also french teacher Phillippe and Riley, a depressed american woman currently living in Paris with her never-present-husband and their two kids. They get involved romantically and they have to sort it out in order to not ruin their lives, if they already aren't.

The main characters in third and last story are the beautiful teacher Chantal and Jeremy, the husband of a famous american movie star currently shooting some scenes in Paris. Jeremy believes he might be in love with Chantal and throughout their last day of lessons he is left in charge of finding out his true feelings for either his long-time-wife or his oh-so-young-and-beautiful-french-teacher.

In the end o the day they all have a decision to make and they will have to live with whatever decision they make.

I found it particularly hard to connect with this book mainly because the characters were so much older than me and I just couldn't relate to any of their lite stories.

I do believe this is a wonderfully written book, although a bit negative, and I might even be able to enjoy it more when I'm older. I found Chantal a particularly interesting character but besides her I thought the remaining characters were slightly flat and even primitive in their approaches.

In my honest opinion I believe this is a book for someone with a lot of life experience in order to be able to relate with the storyline.

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