quarta-feira, 21 de maio de 2014

Easy by Tammara Webber

book rate: 3.5/5

After being dumped by her boyfriend after a two year relationship, Jacqueline can't be more depressed. During this troubled time she is fortunate to came a cross a guy who changes everything.

There is something in new adult books that always sets me off. I hate it when they get married too young. However this book is not like those.

Our main character, Jacqueline is a strong character, she's a simple girl who would do anything for the ones she loves, even if that compromises her dreams. Lucas is described as being super hot with his tattoos and lip piercing, being chased by all the girls only Jacqueline catches his attention. Hunted by his demons, Jacqueline may be everything he needs.

I really enjoyed this book. Is a good contemporary, the best New Adult I read so far. Easy is not a cheesy romance like I'm used to read, which is a positive point, of course. If you're into contemporaries, you should definitely pick this out!

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