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Musing Mondays #12

MUSING MONDAYS is a weekly meme created and hosted by Jess from A Daily Rhythm.
Thank you so much Jess!

My Musing:
I don't think I've ever introduced you guys to my fandom-related necklace collection... So let's do it!

Firstly the Deathly Hollows necklace which I acquired in 2013 in Oporto. An old man was selling them in the street and I had been looking for one for so long that I didn't even hesitated when I saw them all dangling from a rope.

As you can see I have it exposed in my J.K.Rowling shelf next to my Harry Potter series and first two books on the Cormoran Strike triology.

Next up comes my Mockingjay necklace wich I got in Madrid just a few months ago in February of 2015. I went to a street market called "El Rastro" with my friends and I saw this tent full with fandom necklaces and I literally screamed and runned straight to it. As soon as my friends caught up with me and saw what the yelling was all about they just said "Typical Rebeca..."! So that's where I got this beauty that's currently hanging by my Hunger Games triology.

And last but not least comes my Shadowhunter's necklace which is really just the Angelic Power or Enkeli rune but in necklace form. I got it in the same place I got the Mockingjay necklace and I have it near my Mortal Instruments series.

So here you have it! I hope you enjoyed learning a bit more about me and if you have funny stories or just fandom related merch that you want to share do not hesitate to leave a comment down below!

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