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Series Review: The Lynburn Legacy by Sarah Rees Brennan

The Lynburn Legacy 
By Sarah Ress Brennan 


Kami Glass lives in a small English town called Sorry-in-the-Vale. All her life she has had a voice in her head, a boy who speaks to her. When she was a child she did not make a secret about her imaginary friend, so she has always been an outsider. She runs the school newspaper with her best friend, she has her imaginary friend who is always there for her - she lives her normal and calm life and she loves it. That is, until the Lynburns return. As soon as the twins and her sons, Ash and Jared, get to Sorry-in-the-Vale, everybody starts fussing over them. Everybody talks about them with wonder, fear and secrecy. Kami knows there is a story behind that family, but every time she asks questions about them, people refuse to answer. As an aspiring reporter, Kami is determined to uncover her town's secret. But she can't do it without the help of her friends, and especially without the help of her imaginary friend, who, now, has a face, a body and a voice that not only speaks in her head anymore.

I really enjoyed these books! I love books where the main character is connected to a boy/girl in some way. Especially because they can read each other's mind. For some unknown reason I find it fascinating. But that was only one of the reasons I enjoyed this series so much.

Something I noticed in some books I've read is that the writer tries to make characters that are different from most people, but sometimes they end up being so different that they are unrealistic or even ridiculous. However, Sarah Rees Brennan, created so unique and fascinating characters that are so realistic and likeable ate the same time. I love all the characters in her series, except for Ash; he was such a spoiled brat. I know this is bad, but there were times I wish he would die! Although I didn't like him, I understand that he was crucial to the all story and it was important for him to live.

The only reason I only gave 3,5 stars to the second book, was because it was a little slow paced, nothing much happens until the end of the book. They are basically looking for answers and making plans. But I really don't think you should stop reading this series because of the second book. It gets so much better in the end, and the wait is worth it! I gave 4 stars to the other two, just because I like to save my 5 stars to my favourite books of all time. Those who are absolutely mind blowing! But, I really did enjoy this series.

This Lynburn Legacy is full of mystery, adventures, love, friendship and family. I highly recommend this series. I had such a fun time reading these books. It really is a quick read, and a perfect series to marathon! You should definitely pick this out!

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