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Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater (book discussion)

book rate: 4/5

Ever since Grace was attacked by wolves and miraculously survived she has been obsessed with them, especially a yellow-eyed wolf who has never stop watching her since that day.
When she meets a boy, Sam, with the same yellow eyes, she recognises him right away. They soon realise they can’t live without each other, but winter is coming and Sam has to fight the cold in order to stay human, or he may lose Grace, forever.
Overall, I really liked this book, I enjoyed reading it very much. The love story is so cute, and the background story is so imaginative and different.
Since this is the firs book, I didn’t feel very connected with the main characters, I liked them, but I didn’t love them, but I do believe I’ll come to like them more as I read the next books. In this one the characters were so focused on each other and the coming of winter that they didn’t show everything about their personality. I’m particularly looking forward to see how Isabel’s character will develop. In the begging of the book I thought “well, this is going to be the bitch of the story, and we have the same name, brilliant”, but in the end we start seeing glimpses of a better person, which I find intriguing. 
However, what I liked the most were the werewolves. There are no full moons or silver or the usual things we see. I’m not going to go on full detail about it, since it will spoil you. But even if you’re not a fan of werewolves, like me, you should definitely pick up this series anyway since this werewolves are different.
This is a great story, and and even better love story. If you are into fiction and YA romance you should read this book!

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