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Review: Musical Chairs

Musical Chairs
By Sheila Levin

book rate:  (5/5) 

Publisher: First Edition Design Publishing
Date of Publication:  December 4th 2014
Genre: Adult Romance, Politics, Drama
Page Count: 262
Source: I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Synopsis provided (adapted):

Politics - Sex - Scandal - Secrets - Money

In a high-stakes game of musical chairs, there can be only one winner. Roberta Palmer, newly widowed supermodel and Marcia Baker, New York congresswoman are getting ready for the fight of their lives: both are running against each other in the primary for the democratic candidate of the NY senate race. Marcia’s ex-lover, Jake Rubin and Roberta’s step-daughter, Joan Palmer both hold secrets that could mean political suicide for both women. As the secrets threaten to surface which woman will be left standing when the music draws to a close?


Wow, what a surprise!

I tried to keep an  open mind when starting this book but I had this feeling I would be bored to the bones with all the politics talk and so on... I was dead wrong.

Musical Chairs brings us excellent characters, they are incredily realistic, flawed in the right way and with good sense and rational thoughts but they are also giving very moving life stories and, some of them, even inspiring personalities. (I had a few favourite characters but in an effort to not spoil your reading I will keep to myself. If you're interested anyway leave a comment down below and I will discuss it with you!)

Additionaly the storyline  is very consistente and interesting, it's a book that keeps you wanting to reach the final page and unveil all the secrets. Musical Chairs explores politics yes, but not in a boring way, it keeps you interested and also gives you some knowledge on the subject in case, like myself, you didn't have. It also explores the marital life - good and bad sides - and how these relationships can evolve - flourishing or dying.

Musical Chairs was a very different read but very good nonetheless. Reccomend if you would like to try a different reading subject!

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