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Review: Caroline Starts Over

Caroline Starts Over
By Randi M. Sherman

book rate:  (3/5) 

Publisher: FriesenPress
Date of Publication:  February 12th 2014
Genre: LGBT, Aduul Romance
Page Count: 256
Source: I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Synopsis provided (adapted):

After eighteen years of feigning contentment in an unfulfilling marriage, forty-eight year old Caroline Matthews is finally liberated when her husband dies suddenly. Caroline is determined to reclaim her life and attempts to turn back the clock to a time when she was carefree. Getting back her life isn’t as easy as Caroline had hoped. She’s two decades older, socially out of practice, and has nineteen-year-old twin daughters who don’t know about her past. Caroline orchestrates a reunion with a former lesbian lover, Rachel, whom she had a devastating break up with before marrying her late husband. Both curious, slightly shop-worn and lonely, the women foolishly rekindle their relationship. Old habits and buried feelings resurface as they attempt to navigate through this misguided romance. 

Is Caroline really as desperate as she seems? And did she play any part in the death of her husband?


I have such mixed feelings about this book.... Uuuuuuugh....

It stared off as funny and light read and it continued that way until BOOM! You read the last 5 pages.

Everything about Caroline Starts Over is very good: the writting style, the characters, the storyline... I just... Can't formulated a coeherent thought... It's like Veronica Roth's Allegiant all over again!!!

I don't want to spoil you guys so I'll be very vague and mysterious: read this book if you want to be surprised by an incredibly unexpected plot twist. But don't read this book if you're looking for characters to adore after you finish it. Caroline Starts Over will make you trust her and then shatter your trust all over the floor and swipe it under the rugh so you only notice in last second.

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