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Review: The Sacrifist

The Sacrifist
By T. Mason Gilbert

book rate:  (4/5) 

Publisher: Mjollnir Enterprises LLC
Date of Publication:  March 3rd 2015
Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal, Adventure
Page Count: 380
Source: I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Synopsis provided (adapted):

Sir Randolph Barrington hires a mountaineer to look for his son, Rand, who has disappeared, leaving nothing but a lot of blood in the snow on Mt. Kangchenjunga, the third tallest mountain in the world. Was it the fabled yeti? Was is it just and avalanche? Or was it something else? Any witnesses aren't talking. 

Torleif, who guided the expedition in which Rand disappeared, meets with Dane Nielsen and forwards Sir Randolph's terms. Dane has been hiding out at his ranch in Colorado since his own avalanche accident, but money talks. Dane and Torleif organize an expedition to find Rand's remains. Before Dane leaves, he receives a strange call from a woman warning him not to go. 

Meanwhile, the High Lama of a monastery near Kangchenjunga sends his emissary, the Sacrifist, to the local guide who is heading up the crew used by Dane. The guide agrees to take the Sacrifist along, disguised as a porter for the expedition, but has no idea what the Sacrifist's intentions are. Is he a monk? He doesn't look like one. 

Besides these competing factions, Sir Randolph has also hired the TV show host of 'Big Game, Big Times' to look for the animal who attacked his son. 

Who will find the beast first? And who will die?


The Sacrifist was a very pleasant surprise.
The cover isn't the most attractive in my opinion and (because sometimes I judge books by their covers, yes) therefore I started it with low expectations. I don't regret it, actually I think it made me like it better than I would if I went to it with high expectations.

This is a story about strong characters going through life experiences that you have to be strong if you want to survive. It's a tale about survivers and the losses they've had to endure. It has it's funny moment but also terrifying ones. It's a roller coaster of experiences really...

The Sacrifist alse brought something new to my readings: the environment, this was the first book I read that takes place in one of the eight-thousanders. I learned new terms and gained new knowledges I probably wouldn't have otherwise.

If you want to know one bit of information I found interesting and that was new to a few of you guys too: check out my Teaser Tuesdays post of this week here!

The characters are very unique and you will grow found of them! And once you finish you will want to know what happened to them next, not that there's a big plot twist or anything, you just really care about these characters and are invested in them. Fortunately this is book one in a triology called The 216 Triology! ;)

To wrap this review up, I do recommend this book if your in the mood for something very new and different!

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