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Review: The Kill Order

The Kill Order
by James Dashner

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Brief Introduction:

The Kill Order is The Maze Runner's triology prequel. It tells the story of Mark and his friends and the world they lived in before WICKED, the Glade and the Maze were created. A world after the sun flares.


This book blew my mind! Seriously, it exceed my expectations by far! After reading several reviews on goodreads I figured you can only feel two ways about this book, either you hate it or you love it. I'm clearly on the last group and I have no regrets people!

Now on to the book itself. The Kill Order has such good amazing perfect characters! I don't mean perfect as in don't make a single mistake, I mean perfect as in they do and they are not the typical bookish mistakes, they are real life ones. This characters struck me because they were so coherent and so very close to what people in real life are. The way their minds worked made total sense and the descriptions of their behaviours were outstanding really. And I felt just the same about the plot! This story was so strong, it had real flaws and even the conversations between characters seemed amazingly real! And I know I've said "real" a lot in the last paragraph but it's just how I feel about this book.

The Kill Order left me with my mouth wide open while reading in public more than once, and I usually contain myself when reading in such circumstances!

The only downside I found about this book was that there's just one freaking book about this and there should be more! (Not really, that would ruin the story but I just loved the characters so much I wish I could meet them all over again...)

This is a book that will make you feel. This is a book that will make you think. Specially about things you probably never thought about before... I recommend 100%, even though you might love it or hate it, but I hope you can all fall in the first category.

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