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Liebster Award Nominee

We were nominated for this award by The Realm of Books. Thank you, thank you, thank you! We're so excited!!

1. List 11 facts about yourself
2. Answer the 11 questions by the person who nominated you
3. Nominate 5-10 bloggers with followers less than 300 and leave a comment that they were nominated
4. Ask 11 new questions for your nominees
5. You can not re-nominate that blog that nominated you

Isabel's Facts:
1. I love chocolate
2. I love rainy days
3. I never leave the house without a book
4. I fell in love with almond pie a few months ago and we've been dating ever since
5.graduated Hogwards last year! 

Rebeca's Facts: 
1. Chocolate is on my basic needs list
2. I have an unhealthy obsession for books (in case you have not noticed)
3. I play the piano
4. Autumn is my favourite season
5. I also have an unhealthy obsession for cute notebooks
6. I dance ballet and contemporany dance

Questions from The Realm of Books:
1. If you could pick any book boyfriend to go out on a dinner date with who would you go with and where would he take you?
Isabel: Daemon from the Lux Series and he would take me some place with great desserts because he knows I love chocolate and almond pie 
Rebeca: Jace from The Mortal Instruments Series! We would eat pizza on a rooftop and watch the sunset while exchanging crazy stories about ourselves and stupid jokes. (Oh Gosh, now I'm drooling...)

2. If you could pick one country in the world to visit where would it be?
I: Netherlands. I've been obsessed ever since I read Just One Year 
R: The United States of America. I would love to do a roadtrip to get to know all the states!

3. What is the one thing that frustrates you when it comes to writing a book review?
I: When I can't find the right words to express what is going on in my head at the time 
R: Nothing I guess... I never really found anything particularly annoying...

4. If you could only save 2 books from a burning house which ones would they be?
I: That's an unforgivable answer! There's no way I could choose two! I mean, Harry Potter has 7 books!
R: Oh no... oh noooo... I'm going to take a break and cry a bit. Be back in a minute or two.

Ok, I'm back. So considering it's not my house, and therefore I still have all my books after this, I would choose "The Fault in Our Stars" by John Green and "If I Stay" by Gayle Forman.

5. If you were stuck on an Island what survival tool would you choose: rope, lint, or string?
I: Rope
R: Also rope.

6. What is one piece of advice you would give to a beginning book blogger?
I: Participate in weekly memes. It's perfect to find new blogs and learn about the book comunity
R: Interact with other bloggers, comment, like, follow and message. Be active!

7. What is your favorite desert?
I: Probably Almond Pie at the moment, and everything that has chocolate
R: Gimme chocolate and I'll be a happy girl.

8.  What is one book you would love to receive as an Advanced Reader Copy (ARC)?
I: IN THE AFTERLIGHT by Alexandra Bracken! I can't wait! I want it right now!
R: Same! Undoubtedly "In the Afterlight", no need to think twice.

9. How many books are on your TBR list as of right now?
I: At least 127 I have to update my goodreads list!
R: 210, updated.

10. If you could have any kind of pet what would it be?
I: I already have a dog. But my biggest dream is to own a monkey
R: Oh oh oh, either a penguin or a giraffe!

11. What series or book have you read that you would like to see become a movie?
I: None! Most of the times I end up hating the movie!
R: Humm... Maybe "Runemarks" by Joanne Harris, but it had to be a good adaptation!

I nominate:
The Reading Habits of a Recovering Daydreamer
Books to the Tea
Howling for Books

Our Questions:

1. Would you rather physical books or ebooks for the rest of your life? (You can only choose one type)
2. How long have you been book blogging?
3. Did a book ever break your heart? If so then which book?
4. Did a book ever put your heart back together? If so then which book?
5. What's your favourite quote from a book?
6. If you could change a book cover which would it be?
7. If you had to recommend a book to a friend who doesn't like reading, which book would you recommend?
8. What's your favourite food/drink while reading?
9. What's your most common reading position?
10. What's your favourite reading spot?
11. What is the first book you remember reading? (don't look to your shelves! just think about it)

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