terça-feira, 19 de agosto de 2014

Bout of Books 11: Book Spine Poetry Challenge

Book Spine Poetry Challenge
hosted by My Little Pocketbooks

I don't own many physical books in English, I buy most of my books in my Kobo. So I had to do this challenge with Portuguese books, I will try to translate the poem to English but it will probably make little sense. Anyway let's do this!

In Portuguese:

A Babysitter
O Traficante
Cães Danados
fizeram uma
Caça ao Tesouro no Espaço
A Chave Secreta Para o Universo 

In English:

The Babysitter
The Dealer
The Mad Dogs
did a 
Treasure Hunt in Space
The Secret Key to the Universe

It makes little sense in both languages but that's the best I've got! Feel free to share your spine poem down below! Have a great reading day!

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