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Last Summer by Rebecca A. Rogers

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For me "Last Summer" was the typical YA novel about two troubled teenagers who  find themselves in each other and fall deeply in love except... IT WAS SO EXAGGERATED!

Rebecca A. Rogers creates a beautiful set for this story which makes you really excited as soon as you start reading this book... but then, little by little, you  start to notice how unrealistic this story is. Everything happens too quickly and too intensely.

Chloe's (the main female character) relationship with her dad changes from "oh pumpkin pumpkin" to "let me throw a vase of flowers to your head and see if I can kill you" in a heartbeat. Personally, I know how it is to have problems with yoour dad and you don't just go from one extreme to the other like this... just no.

To be completely honest I was impressed by how Rebecca dealt with the beginnig of Logan's (the main male character) withdrawal from heroine, it felt very real to me! But then again, as I advanced in the book Logan's addiction became more and more far away from reality.

The storyline started do well and then just stopped being coherent... I felt this book actually had potential and I was very disappointed by the end of it.

Would not recommend... unless you're very bored and have nothing else to read.

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